TempGopher turns a Raspberry Pi into a thermostat!


  • Supports multiple temeprature sensors
  • Maintain temperature using both heaters and chillers
  • Write metrics to an InfluxDB for constant monitoring
  • View current temperature and adjust the temperature using a web browser
  • Prevent access to thermostat controls by requiring authentication



You will need a Raspberry Pi with the following components:


  1. Setup your DS18B20 temperature sensor. Adafruit has a good tutorial for getting them working
  2. Connect your relay switches to the GPIO pins
  3. Download the install.sh script to your Raspberry Pi
  4. Run the script! The script will download the latest binary and configure the thermostat with some initial values.
  5. After configuration, point your web browser to the configured URL.

Open Source

TempGopher is an open source project written in Go and licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

You can find the source code here on GitLab.

Need Help?

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